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Commission Guide! (Open for Commissions)
EDIT 3/16/2014 : Commissions open, for those of you who didn't already know.
For the next 30 days I plan to have my discount  rate apply to any commission theme


I make Flash Animations that are drawn using Adobe Illustrator. In the past my commissions have mostly involved shrinking/giantess/vore scenarios, but my gallery of work has expanded to include different subjects and themes like inflation, muscle growth, TG, male giant growth, AR/AP, uneven growth, and much more.
Really the only areas that I have an uneasiness of drawing/animating would involve subject matter that is politically charged or graphically violent.
There are a few other areas I wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole, but I won't go over them here. Just ask me over notes if you have any questions.
I can draw characters from various sources such as animes, cartoons, and even OCs

I work for rate of $15 an ho
:iconjackurai:Jackurai 15 77
Commission Slots~
EDIT: Slots filled! Thanks for a quick response!
Giving commission slots a shot ^__^
The way I've been doing commissions has worked out well for me, but has left some commissioners a little frustrated for having to "hunt down" a free slot. The reason I liked my system mostly was so that I'd be sure to be livestreaming at a time that was convenient for the person commissioning me.
Anyways, I plan on having 10 slots available. Which ever projects are on the list are the ones that I will be working on.
Also, it won't matter what order a commission is on the list. When I choose to livestream and work on a project, I'll just pick one at random and work on it.
I'll send a note notifying the commissioner that I will be working on their project. And if they are unavailable, I will send links for progress made or for the recorded video feed.
The rest is the same as in my commission guidelines:
:iconjackurai:Jackurai 2 54
Early Morning Commission Stream
Working on a commission for  :iconFeyzer: right here
TOPIC: Yuffie WG
WATCHING: A show called "Zig and Sharko".. has a Saturday morning cartoon vibe to it :3
:iconjackurai:Jackurai 6 58
Calling All Commissioners!
I have a livestream slot open soon
Send a note if you're interested in me continuing or starting a commission ^^
Remember, it's first come, first served.
Also, if you're a new client, you need to pay forward for the first three hours ($33)
New Rule:
If you've claimed multiple slots in a short amount of time, I plan to give other people a chance to have their commission worked on.
You know who you are ^_-
EDIT :iconsilverprovidence: takes it
:iconjackurai:Jackurai 5 469



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here's a download link to the free version of SQ since SQDT's broken up and there site is dead
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